fussy cutting - tutorial

hi everyone
just sharing a how to
fussy cut with die cutting
like the two cards pictured

  1. select your image, die and suitable scissors. 

2. place and attached your die to suit your image that is being cut out. I have used low tack tape to fix in place.

3. make markers on the outside of your die (I have removed the die so you can see were my markers are).

4. make cut outs as pictured below making sure you carefully cut far enough in so that the die can sit properly when you re-attach the die.

5. re-attached the die back onto the image carefully manoeuvring around your cut outs (you can fussy cut off excess paper at this point) and use your markers as a guide to line everything back up.

6. die cut and emboss your image

7. carefully fussy cut away the the left over paper from your image.

rear of cut image
front of cut image

I do hope that you have managed to follow my instructions and I hope you give it a try.
thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great tutorial Ann! Very clear to follow, thank you! Debs x


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