Friday, 7 June 2019

tearoom teddy

good morning crafters 
and welcome to my soft toy share for today.
this is Peony (colour of one of the yarns used)

this lovely teddy has been added to my stash and she has been made using natural knitting yarns.

knitting is currently my choice of mindfullness (hopefully i will squeeze in some colouring soon)
but for now i'm totally addicted to knitting.

here's what i have used:
patterns: teddy's and tearoom dresses both from Mary Jane's tearooms.
patterns available via etsy, ravelry and mary jane's blog.
teddy: DMC Natura just cotton, 2.75 mm needles (uk), black embroidary/tapestry thread.
dress: Signature 4ply by West Yorkshire Spinners, colours: 517 & 800, 3mm needles.
stuffing: 100% high loft polyester filling (hobbycraft)
time to make teddy and dress start to finish: 3 days.

all yarns used knit up beautifully.

join me again for my next project
thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day and craft happy, Ann

Thursday, 23 May 2019

doll from the tearoom patterns

good morning crafters and welcome to my share for today:
a hand knitted doll using two of my patterns from:

meet molly (version 2)

on my doll today i have used 4ply wool for the doll and malabrigo sock wool for her dress and shoes.
Molly is 12" tall 

i have used large loop mohair wool for her hair
there are pros and cons on using this wool esspecailally on this doll.
although her hair is wild and adoreable as i intended i need to learn an alternative method due to the hair being attached in cut lengths (doll not suitable for a small child) the wool frays on the ends an awful lot. 

so for now this little cutie will stay with me.

here's what i have used:
patterns: mary jane's tearoom, dolls from the tearoom: Molly and dress from the tearooms
needles: 2 1/4 (uk)
doll: super soft baby 4ply 100% acrylic and baby shimmer 4ply super soft 85% acrylic 15% viscose
both  by James c brett
dress & shoes: malabrigo sock yarn, superwash merino wool (the knitters attic)
hair: large loop dolly mo, blonde (little oke dolls)
features: black yarn, pink embriodary floss and rouge crayon for cheeks.

all it leaves me to say now is:
thanks for popping by, enjoy your day and craft happy, Ann. x

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Meet Molly

good afternoon crafters
bobbing in today with another knitted project using a
Mary Jane's tearoom pattern: Dolls from the tearoom.


knitting this cutie took me a little longer than usual but the finished result is fab.
i have used materials as listed in the pattern (but not the listed colours)
all the wool i have used will be listed below.

i have even impressed myself with adding her hair
(i struggled a little)

products used:

pattern: dolls from the tearoom avialable: Mary Jane's tearoom etsy
wool for doll: Jamiesons
white, peach, rose, aqua & crimson
hair: little oke dolls
wild brushable mohair in ash
two buttons from my stash
knitting needles: 3mm (uk)
black tapestry thread
doll needles for face
dmc pink thread for lips.

thanks for visiting
all it leaves me to say now:
join me again soon for my next project.
enjoy your day and craft happy. Ann

Monday, 22 April 2019

soft toy bunny

good afternoon crafters.
welcome to my soft toy share for today. 
a super cute bunny using two of my patterns from: mary jane's tearoom

my cute rabbit has been knitted using two types of wool wich will be listed shortly.
as always i have to say these patterns are easy to follow and i have even managed to add my own little diamond pattern to her dress.

for my project i have used:

pattern bunny: bo
DMC Natura just cotton in white & canelle (caramel)
needles: 2 3/4 mm (uk size)

pattern dress: tearoom dress
james c brett ARIA double knitting in white (shade z1)
just love the sparkles
needles: 3mm (uk size)
white button from my stash

100% high loft polyester filling (hobbycraft)

for this bunny i have substiuted my needle size and used slightly smaller needles as listed in the pattern so to keep my stitches closer together so the stuffing will be kept in place, the body has been knitted in mostly white (except her neck area has been knitted in caramel) and her panties i have knitted in garter stitch. For the ears i have knitted those in garter stitch and the shoes i have omitted the shoe bar. 

i have a little conumdrum crafters as this bunny could be gifted for a confirmation, a bride or a babies christening.

all it leaves me to say now:
a huge welcome to my new followers (i hope i can inspire you),
thanks for stopping by and looking and most of all
i hope you have all had a lovely easter.
enjoy the rest of your day and craft happy. Ann.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

pink teddies dress

good evening crafters
stopping by this evening to share the dress i have made for Pink teddy.
again i have used one of the superb patterns by Susan Hickson from Mary Jane's Tearooms

Pink Teddy in her dress

this dress has been knitted as per instructions from the Tearoom Dress Pattern
using an alternative yarn: Zauberball 

what i have used:
pattern: tearoom dresses top to bottom Mary Jane's tearoom Etsy
wool: zauberball 
needles: 3mm
button: from my stash

i just love how the dress has knitted it's almost like hombre: dark to light in various shades of purple, pink and burgandy.

thanks for stopping by and looking
enjoy you day and craft happy. Ann

Sunday, 14 April 2019

pink teddy

take two.
my second share for today.
a beautifully soft pink tearoom teddy bear.
the wool i have used on this bear although is 100% acrylic is so soft to the touch.

this little cutie only took me just over a day to complete

materials used:

wool: 4ply acrylic brand unknown
needles: 2 3/4
height: 10"
filling: hobbycraft soft toy filling hi-loft

enjoy the rest of your weekend and craft happy. Ann

lilac teddy

Good morning crafters 
Welcome to my share for today.
 As you can all see i am still busy knitting soft toys and thourghly enjoying the journey.
today i have a lilac bear to show you complete in a cute little dress.

both patterns i have used are from Mary Janes tearooms available on Etsy.

i have used a variety of wool from my stash.

here is what i have used:
pattern: etsy mary janes tearoom tearoom teddy method 2 & tearoom dresses
wool: 4ply patons baby smiles lilac and dark blue, opal viridian sock wool
needles: 2 1/4
filling: hobbycraft soft toy filling 100% hi - loft polyester
height: 9 1/2"

all it leaves me to say now is:
thanks for taking time to stop by, look and any comments you leave.

have a super weekend and craft happy. Ann

Friday, 5 April 2019

white teddy

good morning crafters and welcome to my share for today.
i have to admit i am enjoying my recent fest of knitting, and i throughly enjoying knitting up these soft toys and clothes by Susan Hickson:  maryjane's tearoom
today's teddy is completed wearing a cute lemon dress and shoes
my teddy:

these patterns i have found to be so easy to follow and will probably be knitting a few more over the next few months.

teddy sitting with her querky smile.

here's what i have used to complete her:
needles: 21/4 mm
4ply wool in white and lemon (acrylic) from my stash

she is small than the original teddy as i have used smaller needles and finer wool. 
she stands 9 1/2 inches tall and has been dressed in one of the of the tearoom dresses i have made.
i am so pleased at how this little cutie has turned out.

join me again soon for my next project.
thanks for stopping by, a warm welcome to my new follower, enjoy your day and craft happy. Ann

Saturday, 30 March 2019

pinafore dresses

popping in with today's share's of my knitting fest.
two cute outfits usings two different types of wool, one as suggested from the pattern  and the other  from my huge stash of wool, lol

opal viridian sock wool, the hat is my own design.

king cole smarty dk, hat from the yarn dolly pattern.

these two outfits are now waiting paitently for me to make the dolls for them to go on.

both outfits where knitted using 3mm needles.

all it leaves me to say now is:
thanks for popping by, enjoy your weekend and craft happy. Ann