how to stamp on candles - tutorial

as i have decorated a few candles recently i thought i would share how to do it. the original tutorial was by Lili of the valley from one of their workshops.

a nativity scene
using lili of the valleys Angel Gabriel Mary and Joseph and three wee kings (retired)

You need:
chapel/pillar candle
heat gun
tissue paper
greaseproof paper
kitchen roll paper
stamp of choice
ink and alcohol markers ( i use copics)
memento espresso truffle

how to:
  1.  stamp your image onto the smooth side of  the tissue paper.
  2. place your tissue onto a couple of pieces of kitchen roll. (this soaks up the ink to stop it soaking the image)
  3. gently colour your image as you would normally using your markers, if you lay down too much ink sadly the tissue paper will fall apart. please note you won't get the same depth of colour as if you were using express-it or other super smooth card.
  4. when coloured cut around the image and leave to dry.
  5. stick the image to the candle. i use a face wipe and wipe the candle then add my image. make sure your image is smooth and straight. alternatively you can lightly lick the back of the tissue paper to fix it to your candle.
  6. cut enough greaseproof paper and wrap around the candle and to leave plenty at the back to hold onto making sure there are no wrinkles.
  7. this is were the magic happens, warm up your heat gun go over your image keeping the gun moving but don't hold the gun too close to the image as it will melt the wax too quick. i start at one side as if i was embossing the colours will darken slightly as the tissue melts into the wax. leave to cool.
  8. carefully un-wrap the paper and your image should be attached to the candle. if you find you have missed a bit wrap the candle again with a fresh piece of greaseproof and go over the area again.
embellish you candle as desired .
note: your candle is safe to burn if you so wish but you must remove any embellies first.

no 1
no 2

no 3

no 3

no 4

no 6 & 7

no 8

i so hope you will you will give it a go. if you feel unsure try a small candle by stamping and adding a sentiment following the steps 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8 above.

adding sentiments only
i have to thank lili of the valley   for originally sharing the tutorial somehow it's missing on the web page so i have added a link to other super how to on their web.
 all it leaves me to say: is thanks for stopping by and have a lovely crafty day, enjoy and craft happy Ann.

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