kit and clowder colouring journey

kit and clowder

but for the lovely Alyce Keegan i wouldn't be where i am today with my colouring skills (you're always learning and perfecting). Alyce is a super tutor and mentor and i can not recommend her on line colouring classes enough. Alyce provides you with the basic tools, knowledge, encouragement, support, tips and tricks the rest is up to you as an individual. we all have different speeds of learning some grasp it straight away and others (like me) it can take a while and my only advise is stick at it it will come and when the eureka moment happens you won't be able to stop grinning. 
here are my before and after colouring samples for my skin and hair class including my certificate of completion.

a little background to my journey:
when i first started stamping i use to stamp and emboss my images so that i wouldn't go outside the lines with my colours. In the early days (2013/14) i constantly checked out you tube looking for colouring tutorials and that's where I stumbled across kit and clowder when Alyce did her colour along tutorials and i've been hooked ever since. i started my colouring journey with pro-markers ( i have a huge haul of them, sadly i don't use them) but not long after i joined k&c i knew i had to invest and was soon converted to copic markers (and i have an ever growing collection of both ciao and sketch when funds allow). 

i'm currently going through the clothing class at a snails pace though lol.
and i've still got lots to learn but i keep getting distracted by various companies releasing new stamps for me to buy and to play with : )

i so loved doing the mini project lessons (still got to do tilly) as this package  has all the tips and technique's to create what you see above including making the cards (a great resource on how to make beautiful fussy cards).

i fell in love with distress ink hook, line and sinker, and i'm still perfecting my colouring, i so love this medium.

i will finish off and say: to be continued. hugs Ann

1st December 2016

more to add who hoo i've done another class today i'm sharing my completed background image from the November marker class.

november marker class

really enjoyed colouring the background image on this class all the way up to the foreground trees when my g99 decided to leak, but thankfully i have managed to hide it with adding a 3d image over the top he he.
this image will shortly be added to a card just in time to add it as my 2 DC card for the fb challenge over at Lili of the valley.
here's my version:

thats all for now: hugs Ann

20th January
another class completed.
create and learn class

another technique learned even though I didn't have all the things needed I managed to substitute rubbing alcohol and use my blender marker.

this will be framed at a later date and take pride of place in my craft room.
that's all for now. hugs, Ann


  1. When you colour with distress inks, what kind of watercolour paper are you using? I am a new follower and your colouring is so light and soft-very pretty

  2. paper I use for distress ink is: Langton hot and cold pressed paper pads and fabriano5 hot pressed paper


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